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Referring Providers

We welcome doctors, clinicians, therapists, and other professionals who are looking to find a trusted Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist to support their existing patients. While we can provide both psychotherapy and medication management, we routinely see patients for medication management alone, as they are already receiving psychotherapy from another therapist they know and trust. We respect the existing relationship our patients have with other professionals and we look for opportunities to collaborate in order to provide quality integrated care.


Make one call to our referral provider number and we can promptly assist you in setting up an appointment. We can usually see patients within one week.

Any Mental Health Problems

Whether your patient needs medication, psychotherapy, or both we meet your needs. If we believe your patient will be better served by one of our network professionals, we can also help by referring out to another behavioral health specialist.

Urgent Cases

For urgent situations we typically set up an appointment within 48 hours.

Ongoing Communication

Life Bridge keeps you in the loop. Our intake forms include release information allowing us to communicate directly with you, the referring provider, in order to coordinate and enhance treatment.

Contact Us Via Phone or Email

  Upon receiving your communication, our staff will contact your patient to set up an appointment for them as quickly as possible.